Synergy Investments Commercial Group

SICG is a Joint Venture Partnership of Sanctuary Properties, LLC & Synergy Real Estate Investments, Inc.

The management team’s diverse experience background includes investments, development, brokerage and property management of all major property types.

The group offers investment syndication of multi-family apartment buildings, NNN commercial properties and multi-family apartment development opportunities. With our own full-service property management team, we offer secure & focused management for each asset, while providing unparalleled efficiency.

Multi-Family Property Investments

Synergy invests in opportunistic properties that offer tremendous upside for added value. Our specialized focus on multi-family assets creates an enhanced understanding of acquisition candidates and their respective markets. This enables Synergy to execute more informed and timely decisions needed in a competitive acquisition and financing environment.

We execute a comprehensive approach towards targeting and acquiring conventional apartment complexes, with the ultimate goal of increasing reversion value by maximizing each property’s net operating income (“NOI”).

We target B class properties in B to A- class locations, which are in need of moderate rehab and/or improved property and asset management in order to better perform and compete within their submarkets.

Only properties that meet critical physical and economic criteria are chosen as investment candidates. These candidates are positioned in established, high occupancy apartment markets where physical and economic barriers to entry exist for new construction.

Asset Management

Each of our investment properties is asset-managed by the Synergy team to ensure that the value creation strategy stays on budget and is completed within the projected time frame. Operating results are subjected to a detailed monthly review, comparing actual operating results with the property’s original business plan.

Synergy has a system for sustaining strong working relationships with its on-site property management teams to ensure that the formulated investment strategy translates into results that are on target. In addition, we will periodically evaluate opportunities for debt refinancing, or property disposition, in order to maximize returns to our investor partners.

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